Proverbs 31 OBS – I’m Behind!

I hate to even admit this, but I’m behind on the OBS. Life and my gift of procrastination got the best of me. But instead of making this a post about beating myself up, I’m turning it into a positive.

Today (well, yesterday since it’s after midnight), I was just getting over one migraine and into another, feeling generally yucky, and somewhat distant from all this OBS stuff. The conference calls were the last thing on my mind, I had so much other stuff to worry about. Well, I am so glad I pushed all that aside and called in anyway. I came away feeling so motivated and encouraged that I don’t even care that I’m behind anymore. My progress doesn’t have to be perfect, I just need to be willing to move.

I’m ready (again)  – but not the “I need to get everything done at this very moment” ready. From past experience, I know that I’ll only burn myself out and get nowhere again. No, this time I’m ready – to take one step at a time. Read the book one page at a time, write a blog post when I feel the push, not becoming overwhelmed. Remain peaceful. And for goodness sake, stop worrying – and just do!


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