#24in48 Wrap-Up (Way Late)

So I did the #24in48 … last weekend 🙂 I’m way late in posting but I wanted to post my updates because I really want to participate if this goes down again!

The one issue I had throughout the weekend, my stopwatch kept resetting to zero for some reason. While these minutes certainly wouldn’t get me anywhere near the 24-hour goal, the competitor in me was upset that I don’t have a totally accurate count. Once I realized that this wasn’t a fluke, I started to take screenshots of my phone’s stopwatch. I’ll definitely need a better solution next time though.

Here goes:

Books finished: 1. The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst (audiobook). While I did finish a second book (Eating Heaven by Jennie Shortridge) that weekend, it wasn’t until about 4am Monday morning when I woke up randomly and couldn’t get back to sleep right away.

Time spent reading: 7 hrs, 43 mins (clocked & not including anything after 11:59pm Sunday night).

Lessons learned: 1) That was my first and last audiobook for a long, long time. I am definitely a visual person, so having a print copy of the book came in handy, which is not really feasible all the time. 2) Next time I’ll count the number of pages I read, as that will be interesting to know, especially if I’ve already started a book before the challenge starts. 3) This showed me just how much reading I can get done in a weekend if I put my mind to it 4) Get a more reliable stopwatch!!!

See you all for the next challenge! Hopefully it will be in fall/winter so I can really hunker down and get a better shot at that 24-hour mark.



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